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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Ibn Kathir has reported from the blessed Companion 'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas that thirty elements make up the whole of Islam, ten of which have been mentioned in Surah Al-Bara'ah or At-Tawbah, the other ten in Surah Al-Ahzab and the last ten in Surah Al-Mu'minun.

10 qualities as being characteristic of true believers:

1) Chapter 9: verse 112 (Surah At-Tawbah)
  • Those who repent
  • Those who worship (Allah)
  • Those who praise (Allah)
  • Those who keep a fast
  • Those who bow down and
  • prostrate themselves (before Allah)
  • Those who invite others to good deeds and
  • forbid evil deeds
  • Those who keep within the bound fixed by Allah
2)Chapter 23: verse 1-11 (Al-Mu'minun)
  • who show humility in their Salah(prayer)
  • turn away from idle activities
  • are keen to purify themselves
  • guard their private parts except from their wives and what their right hands own (bondswomen)
  • who preserve what has been entrusted to them and also their covenant
  • who are regular in performing their Salah
3) Chapter 33: Verse 35 (Al-Ahzab)
  • men and women who perform what Islam enjoins upon them
  • men and women who are true beleivers
  • obedient men and obedient women
  • truthful men and truthful women
  • men and women who are patient
  • men and women who possess humility
  • men and women who give in charity
  • men who fast and women who fast
  • men and women who guard their private parts
  • men and women women remember Allah abundantly

Reference: pg 314-316 Ma'ariful Quran

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