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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gifted vs Aquired Knowledge

Have you ever known that basically knowledge can be categorized according to its nature into two things: gifted and acquired.

I still remember, when I was in Matriculation Centre of IIUM, the students had been taught that naturally knowledge can be divided into two; gifted and acquired.

Indeed, in our daily life we can recognize that we are gifted almost everything by Allah. That is because The Almighty Allah, Glory be to Him, manage to create everything and many things. The knowledge, our parents, our children, our husband, etc.

Do we have a chance of choosing our parents?
Can we decide our genetic?
Can we determine our generation?
How about the knowledge?

Whether knowledge can be acquired or gifted, its answer has already been explained in many verses of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

We find many a genius have been granted by Allah with an amazing knowledge. Probably, we have heard and known about the genius of such persons like Zenaida (I do not remember her father `s name), Sufiah Karim (now in London?), Adi Putra (in Gombak), and Firhan (in Singapore and currently is a student of Help University of Malaysia at 10 of age).

Yesterday I had a chance to ask the father of Firhan (a Singaporean genius) via his blog about the tips of nurturing genius chlidren. From the answer given by him, I can make a conclusion that knowledge, talent and skill of his children are all but a gifted by Allah, the Creator. Glory be to Allah.

You may also view his blog to know the real story of a genius family in my blog list.

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